Thursday, October 16, 2008

What the SNOW?

Fall is my favorite season of all. I love the cool air, the change in the color of leaves. I love waking up to a cold morning, and wearing sweat pants to bed. I know this makes me sound like a big geek, but I also love the feeling of back to school time. Well as you can guess I was pretty upset when I woke up Sunday morning to what, that's right, SNOW. Did we even get fall? Where did it go? Well now that it's warming up and I am not so bitter about the whole thing, I decided to post some of the pictures of Hunter. He was so excited about the snow I had to let him play in it for a minute. So now on top of the snow I have some explaining to do to Hunter, because since Christmas last year he has been asking me when Ho Ho is coming. Well I have told him when the snow comes back so will Santa, now he thinks it's time for Santa to come.


Shauna said...

Seriously?! I mean, it rains here a lot, but at least it hasn't snowed yet!!! Fortunately we have Mexico to look forward to in January!

Elegante Family said...

So cute, Ace loves the snow too. Next big snow storm we will have to take them sledding!

Anonymous said...

Hi Patty
This is Bonnie, I just wanted to say Hello and tell you how cute your Blog is I was on Chanda and Brads and saw the link to yours and Hunter's.....I cannot believe that he will be 3 soon.
I wanted to let you know that you and Hunter are in our prayers and hope the best for you and really miss seeing you.

Love ya Bonnie and Bernie and Kids

Morgan said...

Thanks a bunch patty you are too cute! I love the pics of you and hunter and hunter in the snow he really is the cutest little boy he's my fav! I can't wait for the twilight movie either its going to be sooooo good my mom is good friends with stephenie meyers sister and i think they will be doing a premiere in utah that she could get tickets too ill keep ya posted for sure! hope all is well! morgan