Friday, June 26, 2009

What the Crap!

Mom: "Hunter you need to eat your rice"
Hunter: "I can't my Doctor told me not to"

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

As some of you know my sweet, amazing, wonderful Grandma passed away four weeks ago yesterday. Last night at work I was thinking about how glad I am that I have a testimony of the Church, and a knowledge of eternal families. I started to think about a few experiences that happened the week of my grandmas passing, and wanted to share them.
Both experiences happened on the day of the viewing. My grandma was sick for the last two years of her life,and several times a week I had the privilege of helping her care for her self on a daily basis. The morning of the viewing I had the opportunity to care for her one last time and get her dressed in her temple clothes. Once we were done I went home and was very emotional. Hunter and I were in his room playing toys and I was crying. He asked me what was wrong. I told him I was sad because Grandma went to Heaven and I would really miss her. He Told me "It's ok mom. When Jesus comes her will have her body back and she can live with Grandpa Tone Tone (Grandpa Tony) and her will even be able to walk, and play again. If you want you can sleep in my bed till You feel better." ( I am balling right now...seriously I don't know what happened to me but I am a freaken boob.)
The next experience was on the way to the viewing. Hunter wanted to ride in the car with my Mom and Dad. On the way to the viewing my amazing Mom was explaining to Hunter that Grandma would look different, that her spirit went to live with Jesus, and tonight we would just see her body. He thought for a minute and then asked her "when we see Grandma will she have holes in her hands?" I am amazed that he could think it through and put the fact that after Jesus died he had holes in his hands, and maybe grandma would too. Also I wonder what he still remembers.
Hunter is such a caring compassionate person already. Every time we went to Grandmas to take care of her he would rub her feet, hug her, or try to help feed her. He can tell when I am upset or having a bad day, and he always tries to cheer me up. I am so blessed to have him, and am thankful for the choices I have made in my life so he and I can be an eternal family. I am so grateful for My savior and all the help he has given me. I know with out him my life right now would be impossible. ( Sorry I didn't mean for this to turn into testimony meeting). He is my best friend and I thank the Lord for him every day.

Big H

Hunter's Aunt Kirsten has been working on writing his name with him. He Loves the letter big H. He will point it out anytime he sees one. He is doing so well recognizing and writing it I wanted to post it so you can all see.

He also knows how to spell his name, except in the last month he has started spelling it I'm not quite sure what that's all about.

Hunters pet

Hunter found a lost worm in the yard, and decided to take him in and give him a nice home. I'm not sure how well he liked the idea of the worm moving around in his hand. I think he wanted to like, but just wasn't sure if he could.

P.S. If you have lost a pet worm, and think this might be yours leave a post and I will GLADLY return it as I am not such a fan.

Patty and Hunter who?

Alright I get it. I keep hearing about how I'm such a slacker, and I need to post more than once a quarter, but I don't so deal with it. I could promise (like everyone else) that I will do better, but that would just be lying. Hunter and I have been super busy since my last post and a lot had happened, so prepare yourself for a lengthy post.
First we'll start with Tee Ball. So being the good mom I am (HA who are we kidding) I signed Hunter up for Tee ball. He is great when he pays attention,
but as we all know three year old's don't have a very long attention span, and Hunter is not the exception in this case. He does great for the first 20 minutes after that he gets extremely board.
He plays in the dirt, and watches out field.
He likes to watch the batter from a different point of view.
and he "froggy hopps" into home plate. Needless to say he not only provides entertainment for me, but also for all the other spectators watching.

NEXT UP: Memorial weekend
This year for memorial day weekend Hunter and I went with my family on the turkey hunt. I know what you are thinking, and no I am neither a red neck, or white trash. My family likes to camp at a place in Capitol Reef called Lower Bowens. It was great this year even rods daughter Clauren, and Lourtney came over from Cail. to spend the weekend. While we were there it RAINED like crazy. We set up in the rain, slept in the rain, cooked in the rain, fished in the rain, and cleaned up in the rain. Hunter loved fishing, and he now tells me he is perfect at casting his rod. It did clear up for a couple hours every day, and we took advantage by fishing. We had a great time.

And last Easter (yes I do realise it was over 2 months age)
Easter was great. We had so much fun coloring the eggs, and going on the Easter Egg hunts. This year the Easter bunny hid Hunters basket and bike, and left him a note to go on a scavenger hunt. Hunter thought he was so cool getting a big boy bike.