Sunday, March 8, 2009


My three year old has an obsession with deer right now. As most of you know his Grandma and Grandpa Armstrong live on South Mountain where there are tons of deer. Last weekend he spent the night while I worked, the next day he came home and had this hilarious story to tell me. Hunter said " Mom turn here, there is a deer that was hit by a bus. It broke the bus and its gettin fixed." I asked what's getting fixed the deer or the Bus?". " The bus, it broke. The deer dead mom. The daddy had blood coming out his nose". I asked him how he knew it was a daddy? He told me "cause it has underwears". I was a little confused and asked him how come he thought daddy deer wore underwears? He said "no mom underwears?". Still confused I told him I didn't understand. Putting his hands up to his head like ANTLERS he said "Mommy like this underwears". Haha, I laughed so stinkin hard. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen.

KiDs FaIr

With Winter here and the weather being so cold I am starting to run out of ideas to keep Hunter entertained. So last weekend when they had the kids fair My friend Katie and I decided to take the boys. The place was packed!!! There were people everywhere, but there was a lot to do and a lot to keep them busy. They had a race car there and the boys got put on their goggles, and gloves and change the tire. They also had an obstical course with bikes and scooters to teach the kids about road signs, and Hunters favorite, they had a fire men and a fire truck that they let the kids climb in and play. We had so much fun with Katie and Tanner. I think next year we will go on friday when it is a little less crowded.