Friday, September 5, 2008


Hunter, Kirsten and I went to the fair last night. Hunter loved the animals, but was more interested on the "mess" the animals were leaving behind. Hunter wanted to ride every, and play every game. We had a blast. He asked if we can go back tomorrow


We went to The living planet aquarium. Huntert loved to look at all the fish, but was terrified to touch them. He liked the shark the best, and called every clown fish Nemo. We had so much fin there that when it was time to leave we had a melt down. Aunt Kirsten promised to take Hunter back another day. What would we do without out Aunt Kirstie.

Uncle Matt

We said good bye to Uncle Matt for two whole years. He left for the Canada Toronto mission. We got our first letter from him and he is loving the food and having a great time. Elder Tye if you read this yes we locked your door, and we don't let Hunter play with your stuff.

Summer fun

We have had such a fun summer. It feels like we have camped all summer. First we went to girls camp, then soapstone for my family reunion than to Pete's Hole. On our last trip Hunter's allergies got so bad we had to come home early and rush to insta-care. I was ready to be done camping, but Hunter wanted to go back. He loved the idea of being dirty, and being able to have more freedom. He also loved the fact mom couldn't tell him to come inside.

We are working on potty training. i was not ready for this, but Hunter insists he is. He will tell me when he needs to go, pretty much potty trained him self. I would like to think I am a good mom, but in reality Hunter just likes his "alone time".