Monday, October 27, 2008

TheTale of a Two Year Old

I just wanted to share a couple of stories that happened over the last two days. Yesterday was one of those days where you swear if you didn't love your kid so much and it wasn't illegal you would sale him. All of you mom's who have a two year old, or have ever had two year old know what I am talking about. Hunter was doing everything he could think of to drive me crazy. He was having a bad day and making sure I did also. We went to sacrament (late as usual) and 15 minutes in I was ready to take him home, well it didn't get much better from there when he got home he was hitting, kicking and yelling at me. Well being a single mom, I didn't have someone to give him to and take a break, so I put him in his crib (yes he is still in a crib), from there he was yelling and throwing toys, adn jumping in his bed. After about 25 minutes of this he finally fell asleep. When he woke up he was in a better mood and we had a long talk about not hitting, bitting, and kicking. Well later that day Hunter was in Grandpa's room jumping on his bed, and grandpa was wrestling him. Grandpa told him the should pretend to be a sleep, Hunter jumped out of the bed and fell to his knees while telling grandpa they needed to say prayers first. He started "Heavenly Father, bless us to be safe, bless us to be good, bless us not to hit, and bless us not to bite, and bless us um, um, not to kick. Amen." It was so cute I couldn't be mad at him any more, He is trying so hard to be a good boy, even thought some times he tries harder than others.

So then last night about 11:30 I was getting ready to go to bed when he started to scream, I went in to check on him and he told me he had a bad dream. So I picked hom up and took him in my room and let him sleep in my bed for a couple hours. After he had been there a while he shook my arm (waking me up) and said "mommy I afraid" I asked him of what, he said "nothfin" I told him I loved him, he said "lofe you too" leaned over and kissed me. It was the sweetest thing. He is so tender hearted, and loving. I am so lucky to have him. He is amazing.


Brooke said...

I've so been there Pat. I think Rayce is just getting out of that naughty phase now that he's 6! I just remember thinking how hard I tried to be a good mom, and how freaking naughty my kid was! But the other day, I got out all of my old DVD's, and there was a recording on there of when Rayce was 3 years old and he was saying the Pledge of Allegiance, with his little tiny cute voice, and his chubby little cheeks. I was crying so hard I felt like I couldn't breathe. I wish now that I could go back there for a little bit and kiss that little tiny boy. It's so sad, they just grow so fast. I even miss those little naughty moments sometimes. Hunter is a darling kid. That last paragraph just melted my heart. What a little sweetie.

Team Fraser said...

awe melts my heart! Really amazing how much they really do listen to you!

Lish or Coors said...

Oh my sweetness......I loved that last part how he woke you up.....melts my heart. Kids are so cute aside from acting like wild animals at times.....but super cute for the most part.